About Orangutan Experience Eco Tours and Treks

Welcome to Orangutan Experience Eco Tours and Treks

Imagine an enchanting riverside village on the edge of the jungle where you can spot wild animals living in their natural habitat. A place where you can explore, relax, enjoy and experience nature, together with travelers from all over the world and with local people who are happy to welcome you…

Orangutan Experience Eco Tours and Treks, a local agency based in Bukit Lawang, offers you a wide variety of tours and jungle treks. Our main goal is to give you an unforgettable time exploring the North Sumatran rainforest with respect for its beauty and wildlife. We are experienced guides with a high standard when it comes to protecting the natural wildlife. When trekking in the jungle we, as humans, are like guests in paradise. The best way to keep the beauty of the environment alive and help the wildlife survive is to watch and enjoy without interrupting their natural behavior.

There is a lot to explore in North Sumatra… Whether you like to spend hours or days trekking through the jungle or enjoy making a tour visiting different parts of the environment, we can provide it for you. We can also pick you up from (for example) the airport and arrange accommodation for the duration of your stay, varying from low budget to more luxury depending on your wishes.

If you have any questions or want to book a tour or trek, you can contact us by email or phone and we will provide you with the information you need.

Join us and let’s make stories to tell and experiences to remember!