Long-tailed macaque

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Long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis)
Appearance : Body fur varies from grey to reddish brown,with a lighter coloured underside . The macaques often have grows backwards.Their face is pinkish. Males have cheek whiskers and mustache . Females have a beard also know as the crud-eating macaque.
Size : Males : 4,7 to 8,3 kg and Females :2,5 to 5,7 kg.
Life Span : 37 years.
Diet : Omnivorous-fruit makes up 60% of their diet,with seeds,buds,leaves and animal prey (frogs,insects and crabs).they may also raid crops.
Home Range : 25 to 200 ha.
Habitat : Very adaptable to a wide range of habitats including mangrove and swamp forest, they can also be found in agricultural areas near secondary growth,secondary forest and primary forest. Has been reported to live inelevation upto 1,000m in Sumatra.
Behaviour and Ecology : Diurnal and semi-terrestial.They are good swimmer and will jump into water from nearby trees. They live in multi-male multi-female groups of 10 to 100 individuals.