Thomas leaf monkey

Thomas leaf monkey (Presbytis thomasi)

Appeareance : Body covered in black fur with white fur on torso and under arms and legs.Face has a white V shape meeting at the eyes, with a very distinct black mohawk hairstyle.img_1619

Size : 5 to 8 kg.

Life Span : 20 years.

Diet : Primarily leaf eating,but also feeds on fruite and flowers, and occasionally toadstools and the stalks of coconuts as well as ground snails.

Home Range : 12,3 to 15,7 ha.

Habitat : Primary and secondary rainforest. Rubber and fruit plantations. Ranges in elevation uo to approximately 1,500m.

Behaviour and Ecology : Diurnal and arboreal. Animals live in single male-multi  female groups. Athe male depends his females and not the territory,as is seen in many other territorial species. Average group size is six.